Authentic Control


EEAVINTAGE works with many product ranges and many official suppliers.Our accuracy in authentic products is unquestionable.Since we have many years of experience in the market, we set out to take precautions and formed a team.There are many 3rd service providers in the market who claim to have examined them and whom we do not find reliable, but we do not prefer this service.It is subject to manual inspection, which is the safest and most convenient for everyone.


Microscopic images of logos, finishes, hardware and materials Considers the product is original or unverified based on the images published here


 How does it work?

Before any product is listed on our website, it undergoes a meticulous authentication process conducted by two highly qualified specialists who specialize in specific luxury brands. Our experts are extensively trained to identify counterfeit items, whether they are handbags, accessories, jewelry, or watches. They thoroughly review and inspect each piece to ensure that it meets the manufacturer’s established standards of quality, including factors such as stamping, stitching, hardware, authenticity stamps, date codes, serial numbers (where applicable), materials, and craftsmanship.

EEAVINTAGE we’ve dedicated our time, resources, and expertise to perfecting an exceptionally precise authentication process, blending both physical and digital techniques. This comprehensive approach includes rigorous, in-person scrutiny of potential listings conducted by our global team of over 12 experts strategically stationed in France, Italy, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the United States.

Our core focus lies in high-end and luxury items, which not only form the foundation of our business but also happen to be some of the most targeted by counterfeiters. Our ongoing experience is our greatest teacher, with our team having rejected counterfeit items valued at €3 million since 2019. This invaluable knowledge fuels our continuous journey toward becoming smarter, more refined, and faster each day.

EEAVİNTAGE specializes in honing the skills of our experts, enabling them to discern the authentic hallmarks of materials, techniques, and brands, whether encountered online or in person. We stands as a testament to our commitment to fostering the world’s most exceptional authenticators. It is our way of ensuring that we have the finest experts in the industry, setting the highest standards for authentication worldwide.